Approximately 3.3 million American adolescents and 8 million adults struggle with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). At Kensington Wellness Mental Health Counseling, the team of expert counselors provides ADHD care to people aged 12 and older. Offering virtual appointments to the community in New York City, New York, the practice provides therapy, medication, and self-management tools to improve your ADHD symptoms. Call the friendly staff today to book an appointment or reach out online. 


What is ADHD?

ADHD is a mental health condition that affects your brain’s ability to control thoughts, behavior, and impulses. This makes it difficult to solve problems, prioritize actions, plan for the future, and understand others’ behaviors. 

The average age for an ADHD diagnosis is seven, and every adult with ADHD had symptoms when they were kids. Less than 20% of adults with ADHD are aware they have the condition. 

How do I know if I have ADHD? 

Signs of ADHD can change with age and may include:

  • Restlessness 
  • Fidgeting
  • Issues focusing 
  • Impulsivity 
  • Frequent distraction
  • Forgetfulness 
  • Constantly losing things 
  • Organization issues 
  • Frequent daydreaming 
  • Trouble completing tasks
  • Issues in social settings 

Adolescents may be hyperactive, talk too much, struggle to control emotions, or have issues staying still. Others may be quietly inattentive. 

ADHD treatment can be helpful if you or a family member struggles with: 

  • Stress
  • Mood levels 
  • Relationships
  • Communicating 
  • Organization 
  • Multi-tasking 
  • Accomplishing ambitions 

It’s important to seek ADHD treatment because the disorder can lead to anxiety and depression. 

What are my ADHD treatment options? 

A member of the Kensington Wellness Mental Health Counseling team first conducts a thorough psychiatric assessment and listens to your concerns. They may diagnose you with predominantly hyperactive/impulsive, predominantly inattentive, or combined presentation ADHD. 

Talk and behavior therapy

During talk therapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), your provider helps you identify ADHD triggers and develop healthy behavior and thought patterns. Sessions equip you with empowering tools to manage emotions, improve communication, and enhance organization.

Behavior therapy can be helpful for adolescents and provides families with tools to improve their actions — like reward charts, social activities, and ways to show support for good behavior.


Stimulants like Adderall XR®, Concerta®, Ritalin®, and Vyvanse® can improve ADHD symptoms and mood. 

Non-stimulant medications like Qelbree® and Strattera® are less addictive options. Your provider may prescribe these if you have adverse side effects with stimulants, like appetite or sleep loss. 

Antidepressants may also improve ADHD symptoms. 


Adult ADHD coaching provides additional support and education on your ADHD. Your provider can meet with you more frequently and focus on practical daily tools. They encourage healthy habits around finances, relationships, work, nutrition, and sleep.

You can always schedule an ADHD coaching appointment at the last minute if you need it. 

If you’re interested in excellent ADHD treatment, call Kensington Wellness Mental Health Counseling today or use the online scheduling tool.